Typing tool

How to use the typing tool

This human calicivirus typing tool is designed to dual type noroviruses (polymerase type and capsid (genotype)) or genotype sapoviruses based on a relative small ORF1-ORF2 region (norovirus) or a relative small ORF2 region for sapoviruses using up-to-date reference sequences. Genotypes are assigned following classification criteria based on complete VP1 amino acids agreed upon by the Norovirus Working Group. Therefore, this tool cannot be used for full characterization of noroviruses or sapoviruses. Relevant literature references can be downloaded from the Introduction tab.

On the home page, one or multiple sequences (in FASTA format) can be pasted, or uploaded from file, into the sequence entry window. Links to three example sequences are provided as well as links to the reference sequences being used. The output of the tool provides (dual) genotype information and for a single query sequence a graphical representation of the mismatches with the reference sequences or, when multiple sequences are submitted, results are presented in a table. No genotype is assigned to a query if the sequence belongs to another pathogen and/or if the input sequence is shorter than 100 nucleotides in length.

GenBank reference sequences used for genotyping can be found in the Reference sequences tab.